Spellscape II

SS2 Quest #2

Escape from Sian!

Quest #2
Campaign: Spellscape II
Place: James Hall’s grandmothers house
Group: Monday Club (Butthole Symphony)
Date Played: 02/20/17
Approx Time: 4 1/2 hours (approx)
Characters/Players: Captain Chubby (Goblin Alchemist lv. 4, Sam Hall), Draco (Minotaur Barbarian lv.4, Thom Turner), Jak (Tengu U.Rogue lv.4, Brad Dias), Physion (Human Gunslinger lv.4, Brandon Banks), Royce (Elf Magus lv.4, James Hall)
Universal Area: moon of Sian, Highbranch; Seven Nail City, Khronus
Format: Tabletop RPG
Rules System: Pathfinder (p.2009)

Challenges Accomplished: PCs finally get a spelljammer ship & get off Sian..YAY!!, they let Galt the artificer elf get killed, though.
- killed: 8 boggard tx, 1 boggard tx, 1 giant octopus
Current XP: 11,800 (started at 4th lv.)
Granted XP: + 3,600

GM’s Verdict: Brad (Little B) was giving me an amazing amount of shit tonight for having brain farts, so we got into some Golden Girls-level snarkiness throughout the game. Brandon continues to have his character bugger his way across the universe, so my game is getting very un-PC right out of the gate. And everybody seemed a little bored/distracted during the big boss fight (but that may just be my paranoia). We also had a long discussion about alignment & behavior, which was only half-productive. Overall, not nearly as good as game #1, but still decent by own standards.
Future Improvements? tx

- The PCs step into the root-cave and begin their descent. They go down a long, winding passageway, indicating that they are still within one of the tree’s enormous roots. Eventually the vines and threads of wood on the mall give way to larger chunks of wall and stairway made of fitted stone, although I mention offhandedly that it appears too crude to be dwarven handiwork.



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