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Sian is one of the eight moons of the planet Khronus in the Hollowspace system.

Discovery and History

Sian was noted by the first wave of spelljammer explorers, but remained unexplored until The Fingizzard Pirates touched down in the year AS 410. The Pirates, hiding from Elvish authorities, discovered several veins of cinnabryl underneath the deep roots of the trees covering the moon. The Fingizzards began a black market mining operation. This drew attention from the elves, who promptly showed up to arrest them.

During the Black Sail trials in year AS 412, the Fingizzard crew was discharged of all crimes in return for handing over their complete collection of maps,notes, and artifacts from their travels. This information was locked away in the elve’s archives, and presumably remains there to this day.

Sian again remained undisturbed by the outside universe until year AS 440, when the Arcadian Alliance decided to start trading with the native boggard communities on Sian. They sent out four diplomats to begin negotiations. So far their ship, an elven Man-O-War, has not returned.

Main Page

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